How to Get an American Green Card 2023



How to Get an American Green Card 2023 Permanent Residence Card

Welcome to those interested in obtaining an American green card so you can live and work in the US without any restrictions! Here is “How to Get an American Green Card (2023 Permanent Residence Card)”. 

 Getting an American Green Card: Introduction

This article appears to discuss or outline the fastest and least stressful route to obtaining legal immigration to the United States. 

 Therefore, if you aren't yet married and your husband is still living in their country of origin, you can apply for the K-1 visa on their behalf so that they can come to the United States to marry you and then submit an application for a green card. 

 Additionally, both couples may legally marry outside of the United States, after which the immigrant may apply for an immigrant visa.

 If a citizen of the United States marries an immigrant, the spouse is seen to be a "Direct Relative" and is likely to be granted a green card as soon as their application is approved. 

 As a result, getting married to a citizen of the United States (or a legal permanent resident) grants immigrants a direct route to the country. Although this doesn't guarantee that the immigrants will be accepted or become citizens, it has been found to be the quickest way to enter the country legally. 

 How to enter the USA with your spouse on an immigrant Visa?

Filling out Form I-130 with USCIS, which establishes both parties' valid marriages and the lawful citizenship of the US citizen, is the first step in the application process. 

 The spouse of the US citizen will then proceed with the visa application after USCIS has accepted the I-130. You will be advised when to apply after USCIS sends your file to NVC. 

 While the immigrant attends interviews and submits the required papers to the U.S. consulate in their country of residency, the American citizen must undergo consular processing for the immigrant visa. 

 The immigrant is already a citizen of the United States of America and can arrive on an immigrant visa once the application has been accepted. The green card would be mailed to you after a few weeks if the $165 green card manufacturing charge had been paid.

 The steps in the application process for a K-1 FiancĂ© Visa

A non-married applicant can apply for a temporary (90-day) visa and get married in the United States during that time. 

 The U.S. citizen must submit a petition in the form I-129F to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in order for the application process to begin (USCIS). Once the petition has been authorized, the matter will be forwarded to the American embassy in the spouse's country of origin, where the spouse will be required to apply for the K-1 Visa. 

 The immigrant must submit the relevant paperwork and appear in person for a consular officer interview; a U.S. citizen may attend the interview but is not needed to do so. 

 The immigrant would be permitted admission into the country once the process is complete, and when the marriage has been formally consummated, the new spouse might appeal to USCIS for a green card using a process known as modification of status (form I-485). Both spouses would be asked to and have to appear at a USCIS office in America green card interview. 

 How to get a marriage-based American Green Card?

The process of requesting a green card via marriage entails several steps, including the submission of paperwork and attendance at an interview with U.S. immigration officials at the American embassy in the applicant's place of residency. 

All of these are intended to demonstrate: 
  •  A valid marriage has taken place (or will occur when Visa is granted) 
  • The marriage is sincere and not performed in order to obtain a green card. 
  • The individual attempting to bring you to the United States is either a legitimate citizen or a permanent resident. 
  • The immigrant is not unlawful in the United States (for medical/criminal/financial reasons) 
 How to obtain a marriage license in the U. S.? 

You must obtain a marriage certificate that is recognized in the United States if you were married there. The marriage should adhere to the laws of the State in which it took place, and a local govt office in that State can provide the marriage certificate. 

 It's also crucial to remember that if the spouse falls short in any of the following areas, they could still be expelled or have their application denied. 

 1.Legal Entry: 
 If you entered the United States without a visa and later married an American citizen, your chances of returning to the United States would be severely hampered.
 2.Real Marriage: 
 U.S. immigration will look into the veracity of your marriage throughout the application process. Even though your visa has already been approved, your spouse may still be expelled back to their country if there are any irregularities about the validity of your marriage.
 3.Medical Exam: 
 As with other visa applications, candidates must undergo a medical examination at a hospital or clinic that has been authorized by immigration. The immigrant's visa application would be turned down if they failed the medical examination. 
 4.Proof of Income: 
 Although most immigrants come to the United States in search of a better life and rewarding careers, it is assumed that you will be financially stable enough to meet your needs while looking for employment.

 How to establish the legality of your marriage? 
The most crucial document you need to show you are legally wed is your marriage certificate; the location of your wedding is irrelevant to US immigration. However, this certificate needs to be acknowledged by the government of the nation where the marriage occurred. 

 Summary This post or article is ideal for anyone who wants to visit the United States and apply for an American green card so they can live and work there without any restrictions. 

 And everyone is urged to carefully read the instructions and make sure to follow all the guidelines and standards in order to stand a chance of succeeding in the end. I hope the information I just gave you regarding the American Green Card was helpful. Cherish your day!

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