EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship 2022-2023



EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship 2022-2023 

EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship is a scheme that helps improve both women's and girls' digital technology access, connectivity, and security. It aids them in assisting the development of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills. The year period 2022-2023 will witness the EQUAL in tech award for all women and girls of the same academic year again.
 The main motto of the EQUAL award is to cover the cost of the study incurred by all the selected candidates to pursue their tech skills in various fields. 

Overview of EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship 

The EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship was introduced in 2016 by the international telecommunications union and GSMA, the United Trade Center, the United Nations University, and UN Women. 

EQUALs are likely to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda through their actions and their evidence-based research on global gender digital. 

This scholarship aims to promote gender balance in technology through their skills and work. 

 Things You Should Know Before Applying for the EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship 

There are specific key points to remember before applying for the EQUAL Global partnership scholarship are as follows:

  • Institution: EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship 
  • Department: Not applicable 
  • Mode of applying: online mode 
  • Number of scholarships: Not given 
  • Location: United States of America. 

Last Date for Applying for Equal Global Partnership Scholarship 

The last date to apply is the 6th of May, 2022. They offer to apply only for a limited time. If the candidate anyhow fails to apply on a given date, then their application can get canceled by the management itself.

 Eligibility criteria of EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship 

To be eligible for an EQUAL Global partnership scholarship, the applicant needs to know the basic requirements. 

  • The applicant must be from a woman-centered or any organization or institution. 
  • The applicants need to meet the GPA and entry requirements for the scholarship. 
  • All applicants should get enrolled in the academic session of 2022 -2023. 
  • Students from all over the world can enroll themselves in this scholarship. 
  • Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can enroll themselves to apply for the scholarship.

 Language Criteria for the Scholarship 

One of the most important criteria to follow before applying for the scholarship. 

  • All the applicants must submit their English language proficiency tests. 
  • They should submit their TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS marks to the management. 

 Procedure to Apply for EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship 

There are certain procedures that every candidate must follow before getting enrolled in the scholarship:
Step 1 

Before applying for the scholarship, the candidate must submit all the necessary information to get the procedure further. 
  • The candidate must have accurate bank details. 
  • The applicant must submit a copy of the passport. 
  • They should submit their academic achievement. 
  • They should submit their health insurance certificate. 
  • They should submit their immunization certificate as well. 
  • The scholarship application form must be filed separately 
  • The candidate must submit their details and CVs for this scholarship application. 

Step 2 

All the applied candidates should submit all the necessary documents attached with their forms, and they should submit them to the online portal of the EQUAL Global Partnership. 

Value of EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship 

The benefit of this scholarship is that all the selected candidates will be able to receive their tech award for their studies in an American university at a meager cost with the help of the EQUAL Global partnership scholarship. 

 The main idea of the EQUAL Global Partnership Scholarship is to provide their candidates to study at any American University at a very relevant cost. Students who can't afford to study or pay for their higher education help them learn in any relevant field at a low cost.

Closing Notes 

The EQUAL Global Partnership scholarship usually provides financial help to the students who are willing to study abroad. The candidates must follow all the steps and rules before applying for the scholarship to continue further. 

The candidate must fill up their forms online, and while filling them, the candidate should provide all the necessary documents along with their curriculum activities to them. They have to submit all the documents within the 6th of May 2022. 

So, if you are interested, just go through all the steps and requirements in this article and get a successful enrollment in the Equal Global partnership scholarship.


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