Arden University Regional Scholarships for International Students in the UK 2022-2023



 Arden University Regional Scholarships for International Students in the UK 2022-2023

Each year, millions of outstanding students get deprived of their higher education due to financial restraints. Due to this, uncountable brilliant students lose their opportunity to move forward with their careers. Furthermore, it directly takes a massive toll on their mental health. Therefore, restraining students from their educational rights based on finances is highly inappropriate. 

Arden University certainly understands the graveness of this situation and hence came up with the scholarship programs for 2022-2023. The Regional Scholarship for International students offered by Arden University aims to provide financial aid to every deserving student to help get a degree in the United Kingdom with flying colors. Qualifying for these scholarships would assist the student in getting an overall 25%-40% discount on the annual fees of the University. This article consists of all the significant information related to the Arden University Regional Scholarships. Interested applicants are required to continue reading to learn more. 

Why should one prefer to study at Arden University UK? 

The history of Arden University in Coventry, England, UK, dates back to 1990, the original year of its establishment. Later it was 2015; it acquired its university status. This for-profit private educational organization ranks 182 in the UK. The educational quality provided by this university is exceptional.

 Arden University excels in the spheres of UG, graduate, and MBA courses. Another impressive piece of information about Arden University is that it supports distance learning too. So, students from overseas can also pursue their higher education at Arden University without difficulties. The University believes in molding a better world by providing excellent quality higher education to the youth of the world. Every year, Arden University provides scholarships to deserving students, making their future bright. 

Learn more about the regional scholarship programs by Ardent University

Keep reading to learn everything about the scholarship programs offered by Arden University 

  • Name of the institution providing the scholarship – Arden University
  • What is the mode of applying for the scholarship? Online
  • What is the degree level applicable for the scholarship? Undergraduate and Graduate 
  • Where to receive the scholarship? In the United Kingdom 
  • Number of scholarships to be granted – Not Known 
  • Application deadline – Not Known 

Eligibility criteria that the applicants need to meet to receive the scholarship

Meeting the following eligibility criteria would make the applicant liable for applying for the scholarship.

  • The countries eligible to apply for the scholarship – Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Wake Island (USA), Vatican City, Australia, American Samoa (USA), Fiji, French Polynesia (France), Guam (USA), San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia, New Zealand Niue (New Zealand), Norfolk Island (Australia) Northern Mariana Islands (USA), Palau Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands (UK), Kosovo, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis Futuna (France), Bolivia, Guyana, Paraguay, Liechtenstein, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, Armenia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Andorra, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.Georgia Iceland, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Monaco, Kiribati Marshall Islands, Micronesia Nauru, New Caledonia (France), Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Canada, Cook Islands (New Zealand). 
  • The eligible subjects/courses to apply for the scholarship – Applicants pursuing education in undergraduate courses, graduation courses, MBA programs, or top-up courses in computing, psychology, business management, criminology, and graphic designing are liable to apply for the scholarship. 
  •  The interested applicants should meet the terms and conditions laid down by the University 
  • Interested applicants should be fluent in English and should take a quality IELTS exam with flying colors.

The application procedure 

Follow the below-written procedure to enroll for the Arden University scholarship successfully. 

  • The interested applicants can log into the official website of the university and fill-up the form accordingly. 
  • The list of supporting documents that the candidates need to submit to the University are: 
  1. The completed application form of the candidate 
  2. Relevant academic papers from the previous degree 
  3. A curriculum vita in English 
  4. Two academic or professional recommendation letters 
  5. A passport picture with an international accreditation 
  6. The national ID of the candidate 
How much expense will the scholarship cover? 

The Arden University Regional Scholarships for International Students in UK 2022-2023 is an excellent opportunity for financially weak students. With the aid of this scholarship, brilliant students can outshine their careers without having the burden of finances on their minds. If a candidate gets approved for this scholarship, 25-40% of their tuition fee will get reduced. 

These are the discounts available on the following courses: 

Foundation degree course – 25% discount

Undergraduate degree course – 25% discount 

Top-up degree – 25% discount 

MBA course – 40% discount 

Top-up degree for MBA – 40% discount 

Postgraduate course – 40% discount 

Closing notes 

This was everything that the candidates interested in applying to the scholarship program could refer to. The Arden University Regional Scholarships for International Students in UK 2022-2023 is a great opportunity for studios students who wish to pursue their careers with this University. So, if you are willing to continue your career with this University, start applying for the scholarship now.

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