Arden University CIS and MENA Scholarship Grants for International Students 2022-2023



  Arden University CIS and MENA Scholarship Grants for International Students 2022-2023

When you're young and free, it is natural to want to explore the world. Higher education offers many students the opportunity to travel abroad and live in a completely different cultural setting. 
 As always, moving out of your control zone provides the opportunity for personal growth. Moving abroad for higher education is an opportunity that should be available to all deserving students. This is when scholarships and grants come in handy. 

A Brief Overview of Arden University

Arden University is based in the UK and is a private, for-profit teaching university. The main objective of this university is to enrich people’s lives by providing opportunities for higher education to deserving students. The university focuses on online remote learning as well as blended learning for higher education. 

According to reports, the best feature of this university is the robust support system it provides its students. A strong support system is definitely essential for success at the University Level. All assistance and direction must be provided. The university is ready to offer service in whatever way possible and for whatever reasons. Be it academic, personal, financial, or just general advice, they are prepared to provide it at any step of your degree. 

Breaking Financial Barriers 

 Arden University now offers scholarships to deserving international students who are applying for specific undergraduate and master's programs. Being a career-focused and global university, they hope it helps meritorious students who still may not be able to study at Arden University due to financial problems. 

Hence, their CIS and MENA Scholarship Grants for International Students come as a blessing and give deserving students with financial problems a chance at a better life. 

The scholarship we are talking about is available for all brilliant students who are interested in signing up for an undergraduate or master's program at the university. The scholarship applies to those who will commence their studies in the year 2022. 

Recipients of the Arden University scholarship are expected to act as university ambassadors and engage with outreach, alumni, and marketing initiatives. 

Who are and What are You Eligible for? 
  • Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait, Algeria, Yemen are the eligible countries. 
  • Undergraduate or graduate programs, MBA programs are the ones you are eligible for. 
  • The university has specific academic entry requirements that the candidate has to fulfill.
  • The language medium for all the subjects taught at the university and the language used for any form of communication is English. So students will have to be fluent in English. 

 Scholarship Details

The selected students will enjoy a 33% reduction in tuition fees at the UG level and a 40% reduction for PG students. 

Each student will be awarded a maximum of one scholarship provided they meet all eligibility criteria and provide the required documents. The value of the scholarship will be less or equal to the university's tuition. It will never be more. It tends to vary between students based on their geography and level of study. 

Procedure for Application 

To apply for any course, students should log into the application portal of the Arden university and apply for admission. They will have to fill out a short scholarship form, after which all eligible students will be accepted. 

The students are expected to provide the following supporting documents. This includes 

Your completed online application 
Academic transcripts relating to previous education 
An internationally recognized passport picture 
A scanned copy of your national id or passport information page 
A scanned copy of your most recent degree, diploma, or certificate of enrollment with an approximate graduation date. 
Your curriculum vitae (CV). 
Two letters of reference (one academic and one professional) 

Why Study at Arden University? 

At Arden, you have this excellent support system that comes to your rescue at all times. This kind of success becomes very important while studying at the university. Be it academic, financial, personal, or just general advice, there is a lot of handholding and support that is offered at this university. This makes the educational process very smooth and completely hassle-free. 

Application Deadline of the Scholarship Grant

Applications are ongoing. You should check their website for more accurate dates. 


Several deserving students dream of studying abroad at the graduate or postgraduate level. However, things do not work out primarily for financial reasons. This is when Arden University’s CIS and MENA Scholarship Grants for International Students come in handy. It is one way a genuinely deserving student gets wings to fly.

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